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    Gain a career-changing mentorship experience that is suited specifically to your educational and clinical practice needs. Learn via hands-on experience in various settings, with access to expertise in building a sustainable palliative care program. Visit our Consulting page to learn more.

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    Palliative Care Immersion Courses

    Register for our Palliative Care Immersion Course for a comprehensive educational experience geared toward expanding clinical knowledge, learning best business practices, and mastering complex case management. Courses are held in the Spring, Summer, and Fall of each year at MAHEC in Asheville, North Carolina. 

    Currently, due to COVID-19, our 2021 Palliative Care Immersion Courses are being offered virtually via Zoom. This virtual course is offered at a reduced rate of $2750.00.

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    March 22 - 26, 2021

    June 21 - 25 2021

    October 4 - 8, 2021

    Engage in a Center of Excellence Workshop that is tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Four Seasons Consulting Group offers dynamic solutions and detailed program models centered around numerous topics within the fields of hospice, palliative care, leadership, and clinical research via 1-2 day workshops.

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    About Us

    John Morris, MD FAAHPM, Chief Medical Officer Palliative Care | Principal Four Seasons Consulting Group, (FSCG) | Teleios Carolina’s Group

    John Morris is passionate about helping people and organizations develop excellent palliative care programs. His role is to teach, mentor and develop great palliative care clinicians and leaders as well as develop palliative care organizations that succeed. John’s expertise in building strong foundations for new programs, creating dynamic teams and his thoughtful mentoring have been key for success.

    As a pulmonologist and critical care doctor, John witnessed just how stressful serious illness can be for patients and families. He started working for Four Seasons part time in 2003 to help start palliative care programs in the hospitals. He left pulmonary practice to work full time for Four Seasons as Medical Director of Palliative Care in 2005. He has worked with 5 hospital systems to develop palliative care in the hospitals and in the community. Four Seasons now serves palliative care patients in 11 counties in WNC. Four Seasons has 2 palliative care clinics and a strong home and NH palliative care program.

    John has worked with several organizations to develop and improve palliative care services including Four Seasons, Pardee Hospital, Park Ridge Hospital, Transylvania Regional Hospital, Mission Health System, Greenville Health System, Palliative Care of SC, Catawba Regional Hospice and UNC Health System.

    John is co-director of the Palliative Care Immersion Course. This experiential learning experience for clinicians uses innovative techniques and role play to teach clinical palliative care skills to a national audience several times yearly. John also teaches palliative care program development in Four Seasons Center of Excellence. Over 30 organizations have attended these programs since inception in 2010.  John received the Sharon O. Dixon Award for Clinical Excellence presented by Carolina Center for Hospice and Palliative Care in 2011.

    In 2016 John helped co-found Four Seasons Consulting Group (FSCG), a coaching and consulting company enabling health systems, palliative care programs, post-acute providers, and hospice programs to learn best practices and the systems necessary to produce those best practices in their own organizations.

    John is a founding member of Teleios Collaborative Network as Chief Medical Officer for Palliative Care.

    John has a Masters in Leadership from the Thayer Institute.

    John is married to Peggy Noel MD founder of MemoryCare, a non profit established to help people caring for a loved one with dementia. They moved to Asheville and have raised 3 children here. John enjoys running, hiking the NC mountains, fly fishing, gardening and bee-keeping.    This activity allows him to enjoy dining out with Peggy in all the great Asheville restaurants.


    Janet Bull, MD, MBA, FAAHPM – Four Seasons Chief Innovations Officer, CMO Emerita

    Janet Bull, MD, MBA, FAAHPM is the Chief Innovations Officer, CMO Emerita at Four Seasons and holds a consultant assistant professorship at Duke University Medical Center. She is a Fellow of the AAHPM, board certified in hospice and palliative medicine and holds a hospice medical director certification.  Janet has authored or coauthored several papers on palliative care and quality data reporting. She helped develop the QDACT (Quality Data Assessment Collection Tool), co-directed the Global Palliative Care Quality Alliance and is on the board of the Palliative Care Quality Collaborative. She directs the research department at Four Seasons and has served as the Principal Investigator on over 45 clinical trials in hospice and palliative medicine. She is Program Director of the Palliative Care Immersion Course and a principal of Four Seasons Consulting Group, which offers consulting services in hospice, palliative care, and research.  Janet was the recipient of the Sharon O. Dixon Award in 2007, the Cuniff-Dixon Hastings Award in 2012, and the Josephino Magno Distinguished Physician Award in 2013. In 2014, she was recognized as one of the Top 30 Visionaries in the Field award by the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (AAHPM) and served as Principal Investigator on the 2014-17 Center of Medicare Innovations Grant demonstrating the value of palliative care.  She was President of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (AAHPM) in 2017 and sits as a core team member on the development of the Alternative Payment Model for Serious Illness Care for AAHPM.  



    Role Play really helped with team building within our group. Feel more connected to these peers than I usually do in class/conference settings.

    Melisa Klein, NP

    Upon coming to the course we were warmly greeted, setting the tone for the entire conference. It makes a big difference, but comfortable chairs allowed us to focus. It was nice and simple, but the lady serving food, the front desk, all were great. It is a great experience. Easily the best conference I have… Read more “Jason Brown, PA”


    Overall excellent course! Will recommend it to all!

    Mark Kishbaugh, PA

    John and Janet are fantastic educators, and have shared so much expertise in the course. I hope to one day be as skilled as they are. I enjoyed the role plays and that we kept the same people but rotated facilitators. I want to be Janet when I grow up.

    Mackenzie Houser, NP

    My goal was to gain confidence in the specialty of PC. I’ve gained it! I cannot wait to use my new -found confidence into practice Monday. Thank You. I highly recommend this course!


    I felt very supported and cared for through the whole course. Great Information provided.


    The course material and facilitators were absolutely fantastic. As a new provider, this course was essential to help develop skills and knowledge.


    Excellent. Well worth the investment.


    This week-long course strengthened my confidence in this work. Almost 20 years doing Palliative Care from Administrative to clinical. You can always continue to grow in this work. This has been a life-changing week for me, to feel supported, encouraged and nurtured with good food, has given me momentum to continue to strive forward in the evolution of Palliative Medicine. Thank You.


    Thank you to the staff for their insight and guidance. They entertained questions with patience. Palliative Care principles and practices were explained and “made personal” to my particular circumstances.


    This was a wonderful, invaluable, practice-changing, life-changing course! Thank you so much!


    Very informative, concise and the lessons, as well as the event, were well organized.


    In all of my endeavors, I try to align myself with others who do it best. Adventuring into palliative care is no different – I want to learn from those who do it best. The group at Four Seasons is at least one of the best if not the best. They show their passions and it’s contagious. 


    What a wonderful experience – to be immersed in a course filled with an incredible breadth of information about Palliative Care – From A-Z – and presented by brilliant clinicians. It felt like a retreat with a wonderful new community rather than a conference. Thank You!!


    Excellent! Well organized, directly relevant to my clinical practice. Engaged leadership. Facility comfortable and conducive to learning. Not sure what to expect but continually impressed with thought and organization put into the development & execution of this course. Highly recommend the course to providers who are just starting or recently entered palliative care. Impressed with the passion that Janet & John bring to the education process. 


    Thank you for the incredible training. It was so expert, so thoughtful, so generous— one of the best medical conferences I’ve ever been a part of. Thank you so much!!

    - Anonymous 


    Excellent course. I was hesitant about doing a virtual conference. I would not hesitate to do it again if the course is as organized and well put together like this course. I will recommend that all of our team members attend the course.

    Sandy Schellinger, NP

    This was an amazing experience and you all did a fabulous job at facilitating a successful and intimate learning environment.  I'd sign up for another Four Seasons event in a heartbeat!  Thank you so much!

    Darcy Kleiman

    Fabulous. The entire week was an amazing experience.  I wish I had taken this course a long time ago, but feel honored to have been part of this particular group of incredible professionals.    Thank you, thank you to everyone!

    Leah Leska

    This course was amazing.  I learned so much about myself as a palliative clinician and will be changing some of my communication techniques.  The only thing that could have made this course better is if we had been "in person".  I would have dearly loved to hug a few of the great folks I met this week!

    Jenny Felts

    Everything about this course was simply amazing. In fact because of the interaction, even though it was virtual, it might have been one of the best courses I’ve been to in my 6 years of being an NP. I would love the opportunity to be at an in-person conference in the future.