Grant Development and Management

Four Seasons Consulting Group offers extensive expertise in Grant Development and Management services. Our team has successfully conducted multiple federal and foundation grants. We will collaborate with your organization to develop and implement grant funded projects that will help you enhance the care you provide now and in the future.

Grant Development

·        Research potential grant opportunities – both foundation/federal

·        Research background information of project with cited sources

·        Available to discuss potential project with Program Officers of funding sources

·        Create abstracts for grant projects

·        Create Letter of Intent (LOI) when requested

·        Develop aims/outcomes of grant with clients

·        Weekly meetings with clients to design program elements

·        Write full grant application

·        Develop milestones thru GANNT charts

·        Develop budget with financial templates

·        Contracting/subcontracting as needed with partnering organizations

·        Submit grant application to funding source

Grant Management

·        Develop tracking templates for activities

·        Track time/effort reporting if needed

·        Ongoing meetings with project team

·        Assist with developing processes and reporting tools

·        Oversee milestone development and grant progress

·        Conduct interim analysis for grant outcomes

·        Assist with survey evaluations

·        Write reporting to funder (foundations – annual; federal – quarterly)

·        Assist with writing for publications

Grant Development and Management Team

Lindsay Bonsignore, Ph. D.
Senior Medical & Grant Writer

Lindsay is the Senior Medical and Grant Writer for Research and Development at Four Seasons. She is from Rochester, NY and received her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Rochester. After graduating she then went on to Cleveland, Ohio to earn her PhD in Pathology at Case Western Reserve University, followed by a three year post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Louisville. In the summer of 2015 is when she started work at Four Seasons and is involved with grant projects, pharmaceutical studies, and publication of peer-reviewed papers. “It is extremely rewarding to be a part of innovative research to improve symptom management and best practices in the field of hospice and palliative care”.  In Lindsay’s free time she enjoys participating in Crossfit and spending time with her family including husband and three rescue dogs…adopt don’t shop.

Lisa Massie, CCRC

Lisa is the Director of Research & Development at Four Seasons as well as the Program Coordinator for Four Seasons Consulting Group. She is ACRP certifed with over 25 years experience successfully leading clinical research and grant management services. She has also recently expanded her already wide skillset to include billing and coding through the highly regarded AAPC organization.  Lisa came to Four Seasons in February of 2006 with a vision for developing new opportunities for improved quality of life for the people that are served by Hospice and Palliative services as well as to improve the experience of the staff providing that care.  “I find it very rewarding to be involved in the innovative work at Four Seasons and to be able to help other organizations in their innovative efforts as well.” Her favorite thing to do outside work is spend time with family, watching movies, or just about anything that has to do with being in the water. One last little tidbit about Lisa….

Roll Tide!

Tyler Bice
R&D Data Coordinator

Tyler coordinates data and analytics for the Research & Development team at Four Seasons. He was raised in Hendersonville, and earned a degree in psychology and neuroscience at UNC Chapel Hill in 2016 (Go Heels!). His work involves entering, auditing, and maneuvering data from a variety of sources to facilitate operations and draw conclusions in the research projects and service lines at Four Seasons. “I am glad to be able to contribute to the elucidation of new treatments and models of care, and I hope to one day pursue research in the psychological sciences as well”. A bit of an information junkie, Tyler enjoys observing, reading, and exploring our knowledge of the world. He plays a little bit of guitar when time allows, and loves to relax and have a cup of hot coffee with friends and family, or a friendly dog (no coffee for the latter, of course).